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Nov 17, 2017 at 11:49 AM
Apr 16, 2003
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Aug 9, 1970 (Age: 47)
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White bear (Admin), 47, from Wales

Tony was last seen:
Nov 17, 2017 at 11:49 AM
    1. gobbiner
      Can you empty your messages please its full
    2. grey-array
      Hey Tone, your inbox is full and I was trying to message you
    3. jtrent90
      Your PM's are full! Won't let me reply!
    4. xylaria
      It was woodstock and I that you met in pc world today, it was an afterthought that you haven't seen us in few years and you might not quite place name and now older faces together.
    5. TurboGirl
      I'm learning about swaps but notice your swapshop stickys' link to the normal BCUK rules is NF :) Soz to make you more work!
    6. Katy
      Dear Tony and Shelley,
      Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding present and card. The quaich is proudly on display in our Dundee living room and will definitely be coming out to Saudi Arabia with me in the Autumn, when I move there to join Graham. We've already made a start at 'rationalising' our worldly goods here in Dundee, but, haven't even looked at our camping stuff, yet!
      I hope that you and your little ones are all well?
      Kind regards, Katy
    7. bert333
      Hello Tony
      emailed u as well
      could you please change my user name from bert3333 to Toyo asap- much appreciated
      Nothing sisniter but I am removing my personal name from all forums
      I would appreciate a short pm to let me know when done
      thank you
    8. filcon
      HI Tony may I propse a wee idea to help leviate congestion in the members classified and swaps sections. Perhaps we should consider designated gear wanted section, that would let people get straight to the point.


    9. Bothwell_Craig
      Hi Tony

      been trying to get in touch regarding running a Bushcraft First Aid course in Scotland at a reduced rate for members
    10. bgbushman1
      Hi Tony

      Sent you a couple of messages but have had no response, assuming it is because your PM is full, need to speak to you regarding advertising on this site, please see website www.bulgarianbushcraft.webs.com Will also try and email you I realise that you are busy but would appreicate a quick response as we are about to launch our site. Lastly we are looking for bushcraft product to put on our featured product page, any idea's would be appreciated. Lastly lastly lol,lol would like to put a link from our page to bcuk site please let us know if this is okay. Happy Trails

    11. torchesuk.co.uk
      Im a new company in the UK selling LED torches ect. I want to offer your forum users a dicsount for my site but how can I gain permission to do this as I want to do it but by following the rules.
    12. Dingus Magee
      Dingus Magee
      Hi Tony

      I've sent you a coupla PM's re a proposed 2-day Axe Workshop to be run here in Scotland; fella is willing to offer it at a reduced cost to BCUK members, so what are your thoughts on that? If its a 'No', let me know please and I can let the fella know.

      Cheers for now

      Dingus Magee ;)
    13. drewdunnrespect
      hiya tony

      how are we? recovered from the moot? i hope so and hows shelly and the gang? Now then the reason i am emailing you is to ask if i would be allowed to get bushcraftuk.com embroidered with the logo on to the back of my cloak.
      Also if i am allowed please could you send me a J peg of the bushcraftuk.com and logo artwork because it will be easier for the embroiderer as you probably all ready know. my email address is DrewDunnRespect@hotmail.com
      thanks again
    14. Leezo
      Hi Tony,
      I've tried sending you a message but your PM box is full, let me know when you have some room for my PM
    15. dave53
      hi toni sorry to bother you but where can i get a bcuk badge regards dave
    16. robevs73
      Hi Tony. theres a scammer on BB at the moment and he may be on here now 'jonboy' hes looking for a woodlore knife . I may be wrong but Its too much of a coincidence.
    17. firecrest
      Hi Tony
      Cant find Shellys email to sort out payment, Im supposed to be coming for the full members event but accidentally paid just for 5 days. Could I just pay upfront on the day I arrive?
    18. Scott Of The Llandow
      Scott Of The Llandow
      Hi Tony,
      I've been sending some emails to shelley regarding overpaying for the Bushmoot this year as i was planning to come for the whole week but can only make the weekend.Shelley said it would be fine to use the extra money to become a full member and just needed my user name to sort this out. As you can see it's Scott Of The LLandow but was also wondering if you could change the 2nd L in Llandow to lower case if poss??
      I sent a couple of chase up emails but had no reply back,i know you must be very busy just starting to worry no one can hear me out in cyberspace :(

      Many thanks

      Scott Of The LLandow
    19. drewdunnrespect
      hiya tony
      how we mate, all rite Now then just to let you know that i am bringing my parachute to the moot for primeraly naughty corners use but please note if we dont use it and u need it by all means come and get it of me mate cos no point in me bringing it if its not going to be used

    20. StormBushcraft.com
      Hi Tony

      I would kindly like to advertice with my new Bushcraft company and courses in this website, what should I do?

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