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New Profile Posts

  1. Chomp
    Cool mate, I'm Andy on 07748 171581, happy to call you though.
  2. soloman
    soloman Chomp
    I'll send my number and you can give me a bell.
  3. boubindica
    boubindica sandbag47
    hi sandbag :) i wanted to join in with the dd hammocks group buy but when i tried to post, it said i didnt have permission to post, but I'm a member and don't understand why i dont have permission... please help or is it too late? cheers!
    1. sandbag47
      It because you are still new to the forum. Not an issue what would you like
      Mar 21, 2018 at 10:23 PM
  4. John the batonist
    John the batonist Grotzilla
    Hi Richard- not sure if you got my emails from last night? As i haven't heard back from you if it is because you have changed your mind with been messed around - that is understandable and fine . please just let me know either way . thanks, john
  5. Bishop
    Ken Dod has died!
  6. Lou
    Just bought my 2018 fishing card. Lovely to see that women get a reduction of 70€ down to 33€ per year. Such a good thing.
  7. scottisha5
    All types of professional sewing modifications for forum members.
  8. Lou
    More snow here & we've already had 4 months of it, so nothing new for us. Roads clear, schools open, everyone well equipped, warm & skiing.
  9. Lou
    I just bought a Hennessy Hammock system. That was a BIG purchase, hands still shaking but hope that'll set me up for a long time to come ;-)
  10. Lou
    -8°c today, dropping down to -17°c tonight. Coldest of the winter so far .....
  11. ScottE
  12. thorpey0
    thorpey0 fielder1963
    Hi. Quick question if you don’t mind - can I ask who you sold your viper Dan to? Hi user name or real first name? Cheers!!!
  13. KenThis
    KenThis HillBill
    Hi Mark please contact me as soon as possible.
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  14. boatnosepanbow
    Poet, moorland meanderer, boyeur extraordinaire.
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  15. zackerty
    zackerty TeeDee
    Hi TeeDee
    in case you have not noticed due to my absence, Serratas are now for sale
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  16. zackerty
    zackerty samobaggins
    Hi Samo
    in case you have not noticed due to my absence, Serratas are now for sale
  17. zackerty
    zackerty Toots
    Hi Toots
    in case you have not noticed due to my absence, Serratas are now for sale
  18. Lou
    More snow today. No sign of spring coming just yet ;-(
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  19. woodstock
    woodstock Lou
    What happened Lou, I broke one of Fi's teeth showing her how to defend herself.
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    2. Lou
      hahaha, omg! It was not so exciting, I'm afraid - I chomped on a piece of bone hidden in some salami and stubbed my toe on the table leg, that'll teach me.
      Feb 18, 2018
  20. Lou
    got a broken toe and a broken tooth - nice one.